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Full Exterior detail

Revive Your Ride: Discover the Power of a Full Exterior Detail!


Make your paint pop and protect it against the crazy  Lehigh Valley weather

When was the last time you waxed your car? Has it been a few months or even a few years?

Maybe you just purchased a new vehicle and want to make sure your paint gets off on the right foot. If so, then a Full Exterior Detail is a great option for you. Not only will you see a big difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint once we’re done with the service. A lot of our customers love this service as it doesn’t take much time to perform, but the results that you get really make your paint pop.



Full Exterior Detail Process


Clean wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes to reach all areas.

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Thorough hand wash of vehicle including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and remove bugs off front end.


Clay bar paint to remove stuck on dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth).


Apply a layer of ceramic spray sealant which provides 3-6 months of protection

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Dress tires to make them shine (they’ll be dry to the touch once applied).

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Clean exterior glass and windows to give you crystal clear vision.



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Full Exterior Detail FAQS​

  • Do you come to me?
    Yes! We come to you wherever you are! We are a fully-contained mobile detailing unit capable of working at your office, home, or apartment. No stress. No hassle. No waiting in lines or traffic.
  • Does this include a wax?
    Absolutely! This wash features a spray wax that provides shine/protection that will last 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to add a more comprehensive level of shine/protection to your paint, then I suggest you check out our Wash and Wax Service!
  • How long does the wash process take?
    Typically, it can take anywhere from 30-60 mins; however, the size and overall condition of the vehicle play a big role here. When you call to schedule your appointment, we will discuss all of these factors with you.
  • Do you need access to water or power?
    Nope! We have everything we need to work in our vans. The only thing we ask for is enough space to comfortably detail your car.
  • Do you do group washes?
    As of right now, we do not offer fleet maintenance or group washes.


My car has tan cloth seats that haven’t been cleaned in 3 years and they were a mess. Salvatore came out and did an awesome job! My interior looks like new. He took his time, almost 3 hours. I’m so happy. And to top it off, they came to me and detailed my car in my office parking lot. I highly recommend this company!

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Ranell B.
May 2022

Sal did an absolutely amazing job. When I first took my car to him it hadn’t been cleaned inside or outside since I bought it in 2019 and when I picked it up it looked like I had just bought it. He was completely honest, professional, and knew exactly what I needed while making sure to communicate with me if other things needed to be done. I’m so glad I chose him to detail my car.

unnamed (1).png
Ashley T.
July 2022

Excellent professional service - I will definitely be calling them in the future! Shiny like new interior!

unnamed (9).png
Tara S.
January 2022

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