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Full Interior Detail

Give Your Interior a Complete Refresh with the highest level of interior detail possible.



Transform Your Interior From "It's So Dirty" to "It Looks & Feels Brand New"

This is the most intensive interior cleaning service we offer to get the condition back to the best condition possible. The seats, floor mats, dashboard, center console, door panels, headliner, cup holders, etc… gets cleaned and shampooed.


If it can be cleaned, we’ll clean it. Does that mean every last stain and blemish is going to be removed? No. There are somethings that are out of our capabilities of cleaning. However, we’ll do everything we can to make it look a lot better for you!


And don’t worry if you think your interior is “too dirty” to clean. After cleaning hundreds of interiors, we challenge you to try and surprise us.


Here’s our thorough cleaning process:

download (12)_edited.png

1. Remove all loose items:


We’ll put the trash in one bag and your personal items in another bag.


2. Thorough vacuum:


The entire interior (including trunk and crevices) will be thoroughly vacuumed.

download (14).png

3. Shampoo & extract seats and floor mats:


Using our fabric shampoo, We’ll spray, agitate, and extract the cloth material. This is where we pull all gunk from the cloth!


4. Clean and detail interior plastic panels:


Now we’ll move onto thoroughly cleaning/scrubbing the dashboard, center console, door panels, and pillars (steam cleaned if necessary).


5. Revive and Condition All Leather:


If your vehicle comes with leather seating it will be gently cleaned with PH neutral leather cleaner (steam cleaned if necessary) then dressed with a UV protective dressing to reveal a non-greasy, supple finish.​


6. Clean windows & mirrors:


How can a detail be complete without giving you crystal clarity? We’ll clean and wipe down all interior glass and mirrors.


7. Final touch up and door jambs:


A final inspection will be completed on the interior to touch up any things we may have missed or need more attention, as well as cleaning up the door jambs.



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Full interior Detail FAQS​

  • Do you come to me?
    Yes! We come to you wherever you are! We are a fully-contained mobile detailing unit capable of working at your office, home, or apartment. No stress. No hassle. No waiting in lines or traffic.
  • Does this include a wax?
    Absolutely! This wash features a spray wax that provides shine/protection that will last 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to add a more comprehensive level of shine/protection to your paint, then I suggest you check out our Wash and Wax Service!
  • How long does the wash process take?
    Typically, it can take anywhere from 30-60 mins; however, the size and overall condition of the vehicle play a big role here. When you call to schedule your appointment, we will discuss all of these factors with you.
  • Do you need access to water or power?
    Nope! We have everything we need to work in our vans. The only thing we ask for is enough space to comfortably detail your car.
  • Do you do group washes?
    As of right now, we do not offer fleet maintenance or group washes.


Great service and an excellent job done on my car. I was recently gifted a used car and the interior was very dirty. Salvatore restored the interior to nearly brand new condition and surpassed my expectations. I honestly thought the carpet couldn't be saved. It's also admirable to see such dedication and knowledge of his craft from this young man.

unnamed (13).png
Brian R.
May 2022

Beyond anything I could have expected! He made me 2009 look like a 2019! I was embarrassed at how my car looked. After 10 years of my van being my second home because I work from it so often; he got 10 years of caked on dirt off of everything! My driver’s side door was especially embarrassing but now it looks like it did the day I bought it new off the lot! Salvatore has it all, great personality, a work ethic you rarely see these days and his work is outstanding! When I told him I was loved what he did and said it looks great he said he was not done and spent 3 more hours to make sure it was up to his standards! After seeing what he did on the inside of the car I am going to have him to the exterior very soon!

Expert cleaning and customer service from Sal at Xclusive Detailing! Very transparent about the challenge to remove stains from my light colored upholstery - did not make promises he wasn’t sure he could deliver. Result was beautiful - every stain was removed and looked like new! Highly recommend - the attention paid to each step of the detailing is impressive - service was personable and professional - perfection!

unnamed (15).png
Jennifer H.
January 2022
unnamed (14).png
Tim M.
July 2022

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